Partnering with the Jaguars

Floorball is one of the fastest-growing, yet most affordable, sports in the world - get involved today and let us help you grow your brand!

Why Become a Partner?

Are you looking for a simple yet powerful way to market your brand? Are traditional advertising techniques not working, and you want something fresh? Are you looking to sell your brand through experiences and memorabilia? You are in the right place to do so.

Nowadays, most marketing efforts are centered on social media. It was the best option during pandemics since the great majority of people would stay at home and browse all day. Now, your potential customers are tired of waiting at home and are looking for outside experiences, going out, and participating in various outdoor activities. To maximize your reach, you need new advertising options placed outside and in interactive events and that can be used in social media, so you don’t lose that market.

This is your opportunity. In the following months, we will be conducting an international sporting event with local spectators, which will be broadcast live. This year, the floorball season will feature two weekends of matches in the home of the Fort Worth Jaguars. The first is a regular-season weekend, and the other in the finals. We are giving you the opportunity to form part of our team of sponsors for both court, jersey, and online advertising. We have multiple options available, from premium locations that guarantee broadcast exposure to Gameday booklet ads that customers will take home. Contact us today, and don’t miss your chance.

How to Become a Partner?

We are setting up different sponsorship programs for these events depending on the level of exposure you require for your brand. First, review the options below and determine what program is the best fit for your brand. Next, contact us to formalize your request and start getting the
views you need.

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