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About the Jaguars

The Jaguars have a core of local players from the North Texas Floorball Association, while the rest of the players are professional, semi-professional, or other highly skilled players from around the United States and throughout Europe.

At present, the Jaguars are actively searching for a head coach and a primary sponsor. Those interested should contact the team’s front office at

About the NAFL

The North American Floorball League was founded in 2020 in Austin, Texas as the first semi-professional floorball league in the United States.  The league plays a five week summer schedule to allow for professionals from Europe and students to join the league.  

Each weekend of the four-week season, four teams will get together in one of the team’s home venues and play a six-game round robin, with each team playing the other once.  After four weekends of regular season play, the four highest ranked teams will meet for a two-day tournament to determine the winner of the league’s championship trophy, the Troy Cup.

Learn more about the NAFL at their website,

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