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Week 1 In The Books!

The first week of the NAFL is in the books! The highest level of floorball ever played in the US, by everyone's comments. How did it go?

Unbelievable! When the players all lined up on Friday night and the anthem was sung, it started to hit. We'd made it - the first game of the NAFL. Wow!

The actual game play was the fastest I've seen, and that includes the US Men vs. Canadian Men at the World Floorball Championship Qualifier in Fort Worth just a couple of months ago. It was hard, physical play...just like we see in the YouTube videos from the SSL, F-liiga, and the WFC. The teams gave it their all for the entire weekend! There were some amazing snipes, fancy zorro moves, and some of the best stick handling I've seen live. You really have to go back and look at the video replays, posted for all to see at

Oh, and have you heard the NAFL announcer, Tanner David? What an amazing job he did calling all six games this weekend.  VERY professional!  We're very proud to have him as the voice of the NAFL.

When the smoke cleared, the Jaguars were 3-0, after three very hard-fought games against some great players and teams. Hard to believe as we walked out of the gym on Sunday afternoon that we will do it all over again in just three more days in Salt Lake City, Utah!

Make sure you follow our Instagram channel more than anything else - @ftwjaguarsfloorball. That's where I've been busy learning to create reels and try to keep everyone up on the overall flavor of the weekend.

A huge thanks to the league - Commissioner Ryan Connor, his family - the ball boys, stat guys, league mom, and social media team (who traveled 26 hours to be there and just barely made it due to cancellations), league VP Joel Olofsson who produced all the great pictures, the great referees from around the world (Thomas Andersson, Peter Gustafsson, Vince Faso, and Sean Edin), and my fellow owners for investing all the time and resources to get here.

Finally - to our players, the stars of our league.  THANK YOU for making the leap of faith to join our league and come over from Europe, or travel around the country, to participate in this and help grow our amazing game! You are the stars of this league, and we are so excited to show everyone around the country your skill and tenacity.

We'll see you in Salt Lake - week 2 is fast approaching!