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The re-brand is done, and now we need coaches and players! Here's what's going down next.

Now that the rebrand is done, and the public announcement has been made that the fourth team is joining the league.  This means that I need to plan out the six months between today and the opening day of the league that is only SIX. MONTHS.AWAY.

What to do first?  Let’s look at the to-do list:

Finish store items
Host family arrangements for players

Aaugh!!!  So we missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday due to the rebrand.  That’s one of the reasons we added gift cards – so people could support the Jaguars and give Jaguar gifts when we probably can’t get swag out to someone before Christmas anymore.  We’re at the point now where we have our swag selected and we should have a ton of new options up by the end of next week.  Golf bags!  Backpacks! Winter coats!  Golf shirts!  Team scarves!

There’s a lot of stuff.

Step two will be to find a coach – and that coach will pick our European players.  I’m simply not qualified to select from the large pool of players that have registered with the league or expressed their interest.  I need to find a coach or two from Europe that wants to make a name for themselves and help grow floorball in North America.

For coaches reading, I can’t pay you – I’m not really rolling in revenue at the moment! However, I can offer you room and board at my place for the two months of the league and an office to work in.  I’ve been contacted by a few coaches and I will be reaching back out to all of them over the next two weeks.  I want to make a head coaching selection by 1/15 if possible.

I also would like to find an assistant coach or two, and a trainer/medic for the team.  As the coaches, these are unpaid positions and probably will need to be domestically based (unless our head coach wants help on the bench).  Also, I want to announce that Dan Torretta has joined the Jaguars not only as a player, but as Operations staff as well!  When you buy Jaguar swag, it’s most likely Dan that fulfills it.  He’s also helping out on our social posts – even when it’s weird for him to be announcing himself.

Finally, let’s talk players. By league rules, I have to keep 25% of my roster as domestically based.  That means 8 roster spots are kept for North American players.  We’ve already announced three players and we have two more to go in the next 7-10days.  (I didn’t really think I needed a Euro coach to tell me who the best players in the US were.)

Over 100 players have registered at  The talent pool looks good – but I will need the head coach and their experience to select the best team.  Expect more about that in the upcoming weeks!