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Jaguars Sign Cameron Keener to First Roster Spot

The Jaguars today announced the signing of local star player Cam Keener of the North Texas Floorball Association. Read about Cam here!

The Fort Worth Jaguars today announced the signing of their first player, Cameron Keener, to a tender offer. The tender offer commits Keener to play for the Jaguars when the league finalizes a standard player contract. Keener is a goalkeeper for the North Texas Floorball Association (NTFA) and plays in Arlington, TX.

He originally hails from Southern Illinois and moved to DFW in 2016 after a few years "vagabonding around the Southern U.S." After being shown floorball by his brother Jon, he started playing upon arrival in the Metroplex.  Starting out playing field, he switched to the goalie position around the summer 2017 after a vacancy in net occurred on his club team and "no one else was foolhardy enough to fill it".  Keener still claims this to be one of his best life decisions because "running is dumb." 

Keener played in the World Floorball Championships Qualifier in Toronto in early 2018, where they lost to the Canadians. Keener admittedly doesn't remember much else from 2018 saying "nothing else exciting must have happened but that's probably fine." 

Keener has kept net for his hometown club, NTFA, in recent years and has been named Best Goalie in the past 3 major US Tournaments, with NTFA winning the championship in 2 of those.  When asked about the third, Keener claimed he "still had a nice time".  

In his time spent outside of Floorball, Keener enjoys spending time with friends and family on occasion, watching the Coyotes (the NHL team not the animal), staying at home, and watching other sports. He does not enjoy wasps, temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and mindless chit chat about how your stock portfolio is performing.

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