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Bringing the Band Back Together

The Jags held their first team meeting of the 2022 season, talking about travel plans and getting to know the new members of the squad.

We had a great team meeting via GoToMeeting today, the first of our 2022 season. Virtually all our European players except one was there - and he was competing in his league playoffs. We had a couple of our American players join us as well.

It's great to see the enthusiasm of the players as they plan their trip. This meeting was a combination of "get to know each other" and logistics. Where to fly into?  Where to stay?  What should we see when we're off? For the young men coming from Europe, especially our Finnish core, this will be an exciting trip to see America and play some floorball.

After all, that's what this league is all about! We are recognized by IFF as the highest league in the US, and by bringing experienced and skilled players from Europe, we will help American fans see how the game should and can be played. High level floorball is a great and exciting sport to watch - and the Jaguars are here to help push the knowledge of the game to an even higher level.

With our partnership with Nytex Sports, we're excited to show the Metroplex what Jaguars Floorball is all about!