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Arvid Forneheim is our newest Jaguar!

We’re excited to present our newest Jaguar Arvid Forneheim!

Arvid Forneheim hails from Oskarshamn in Sweden where he started his playing career with Craftstaden IBK. He then moved to Jönköping to play for KFUM Jönköping which became one of the top junior teams in Sweden.This past year he played on both the junior team and in the men’s team in the second division, which they won and will be heading to the first division next season.

Among his floorball achievements we can note Swedish Championship bronze for boys-16, a silver medal in the district championships with Smålandslaget at 17 and qualifying for the men’s first division this past season.

He is also one of the most know floorball tricksters in social media having previously run the account floorball.for.